Justice and Peace

Everyday Church: transforming the ordinary (Stainbeck)

Everyday Church: transforming the ordinary (Stainbeck) EVERYDAY CHURCH: transforming the ordinary Opening up the church as a safe place in the community where needs can be met and where God’s love in Jesus can be found. The Story: Stainbeck United Reformed Church, Leeds was built in 1931 and is set in the middle of estates […]

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Our Tribe (Augustine United Church)

Our Tribe (Augustine United Church) Our Tribe The LGBTQI Welcoming and Affirming Ministry at Augustine United Church Story Augustine United Church merged with the Metropolitan Community Church Edinburgh in 2010 and as part of that Our Tribe was set up. Our Tribe seeks to live out God’s unconditional love for all through our values of […]

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St Arbucks

The story of St Arbucks St Arbucks Seeks to enhance the community, support local and global business and be the best coffee and cake shop you’ve tried today! Trinity United Church sold its building, worshiped in a new community hall and bought a corner shop in the centre of the village with the vision of […]

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